Saturday, 9 May 2009

Love, Lock and Load

A different approach with this one. Rather than just use soundtrack music I added some contemporary tracks by the likes of Nicola Conte and Depth Charge alongside some old favorites such as Bruno Nicolai and Peppino De Luca. Also, I experimented by adding snippets of dialogue from various Euro Cult movies, the effect of which I think works quite well and I'll be doing this again on the next compilation.

No tracklisting with this one I'm afraid, I did this about 4 years ago and I've long since forgotten what a couple of the tracks are called. Feel free to let me know if you think you can name them all, it'd be interesting to see if anyone can name all the films sampled too...

Cover art for this one uses the amazing artwork from the Italian locandina for Tonino Cervi's 1974 film 'La nottata' - 'Borrowed' from Gary B's Locandine Collector blog

Click to download (Love, Lock and Load.rar Size: 47.97 MB)

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